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We have three homes in Rio Rancho, limited to 10 residents per home. In each home, we maintain a 1 to 5 staff to resident ratio, which allows us to provide individualized care and more personal interaction with residents. All of our staff members receive specialized dementia care training annually, as well as more general assisted living caregiver training. In addition, all staff members are medication-certified to assist residents with medications 24 hours a day.

We use the latest technology to provide our residents with the best care possible. Our online medical records system is HIPAA compliant, and our medication records system allows us to track vital signs and medication assistance as ordered by our residents’ personal physicians. We are able to track when medications are due, and when they’re given, and can easily print out medication lists for authorized family members as well as for doctor’s appointments.

We also work with geriatricians who can make house calls at the home, making it very convenient for residents and family members. We also work with a dentist that will make house calls as well. We work with multiple DME companies and can arrange for delivery and pick-up of any item. Our staff is fully trained in the set-up and use of all DME and will gladly coordinate with providers to get the needed equipment, just leave it all to us! With doctor’s orders, mobile lab and x-ray companies will provide in-home services as well, alleviating the need for travel and stress while still receiving excellent medical care.

We have a wonderful Home Nurse who works in the homes with residents and their families, develops care plans, is always willing to offer great advice, and is trained in Hospice and palliative care. One of the owners is also a Hospice nurse and we embrace palliative care values-we never want our residents to be in pain, and we’re also able to provide compassionate end-of-life care.

When we meet with a potential client, we’ll arrange a tour, and make sure to answer all questions about our homes, the services provided, and community resources that might be of interest.

We recommend that you tour more than one home, to get a feel for the different environments offered at different facilities, and have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions. Moving is stressful, and our philosophy and care plans allow our residents to age in place, without the need to change facilities as a person’s health care needs change. We are committed to offering a comfortable, home-like environment where everyone from staff to residents feels part of the family.

Once you have decided Casa de Paz is the right place, we will begin the application and admission process. The first step is a professional assessment by our staff and house nurse, to determine the needs and acuity of the potential resident. We’ll meet to go over the assessment and provide information necessary to begin the move-in process and schedule a move-in date. Once the resident is settled in, we’ll work together to form a care plan which will be updated every 6 months, or any time there is a change in the resident’s health and condition. The care plan is used daily by staff and all information is logged in the electronic medical record.

We accept Long Term Care Insurance, VA Benefit Assistance, Mi Via-Self-Directed Medicaid, and private pay options. Other options may be available, please contact us for more information on methods of payment.

We are fully licensed by the NM Department of Health, NM Environmental Health Department (Food Permit), the NM Board of Pharmacy, and we have a current City of Rio Rancho Operator’s permit.

We are members in good standing of the Rio Rancho Chamber of Commerce and the NM Assisted Living Services Organization. All staff members are fully certified and attend yearly continuing education training courses and workshops and we are in compliance with all state regulations.

For many, the thought of a nursing home or assisted living facility conjures up images of long, cold hallways, smells of industrial cleaners and bad food, lacking in warmth and comfort. More hospital than home. For this reason, many people are reluctant to consider an assisted living facility for themselves or a loved one, even when it’s time.

We’d like to offer an alternative to that depressing vision! Casa de Paz is a group of senior assisted living facilities located in Rio Rancho, in the setting of a comfortable private home. Residents get the care and assistance they need, while maintaining their dignity and sense of independence.

You’ll find comfortably furnished bedrooms where residents can surround themselves with pictures and personal items. An expansive living rooms furnished with recliners where residents can watch television, chat with other residents, family and friends, or participate in activities.

No need to worry about meals! Casa de Paz homes in Rio Rancho feature large, open kitchens that are fully accessible to all residents, even those with mobility issues. Meals are prepared on-site in the kitchen by the chef, who creates menus and shops locally to ensure the ingredients are fresh and nutritious. Special diets such as diabetic or cardiac are easily accommodated. There’s always a pot of coffee brewing and some fresh fruit to snack on.

We eat family style, with plenty of conversation. Aides are always at hand to unobtrusively assist residents at mealtimes. Everyone enjoys a good home-cooked meal at the large breakfast bar, or seated at tables. You’ll often find family and friends dropping by to share a meal with their loved ones or to celebrate a birthday or holiday.

Casa de Paz also offers an accessible, fully landscaped back yards with shaded patios. It’s a comfortable place to sit and enjoy some fresh air, and watch birds chattering noisily at the bird feeder, or butterflies fluttering from flower to flower.

Residents are encouraged to pursue hobbies and interests, and we offer a variety of activities designed to help residents stay engaged and interested, and preserve as much as possible, memories and independence in our residents diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Our staff are part of the family as well, most are long-term employees who are familiar and comforting to residents and families. They get to know the residents individually, and are soon trusted friends. We are fully staffed around the clock, with awake night staff on hand for safety. We are able to accommodate residents with most types of special needs, from toileting to oxygen, and our staff members are familiar with a wide variety of DME and adaptive devices.

Our philosophy is to allow residents to age in place, meaning that as they need more care, it’s provided seamlessly. Residents and families don’t need to worry about a new placement in case of declining health or ability.

The health and safety of our assisted living residents is our top priority.  We want our residents and their families to feel secure, and it’s especially important for those residents diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Casa de Paz in Rio Rancho offers secure facilities with an alarm system, and controlled access.  All doors require a code to either enter or exit.  Family and friends are always welcome, and residents are free to come and go unless limited by their care plan. We have experience in caring for residents diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and all staff members have received intensive training.  Our night staff is awake, and can skillfully guide a resident back to bed, or offer comfort and a cup of tea.

At Casa de Paz, we know that for many of our senior assisted living residents, a trip outside the home can be stressful and upsetting.  With this in mind, we’ve made arrangements with many local medical providers to make house calls.  Internists/geriatricians, podiatrists, home health agencies, even dentists will come to the home and provide care.  Local pharmacies will deliver prescription medications right to the door.  Mobile laboratory and x-ray services are also available.  If residents prefer to see their own personal physician or a trip to a specialist or hospital is necessary, we can help arrange transportation.

Our staff is familiar with most types of DME and adaptive devices, and can arrange for delivery and set up, as well as help residents use their prescribed equipment safely and effectively.

Many of our senior assisted living residents use oxygen, CPAP machines, and other equipment, and our residents who use wheelchairs have full access to all areas of the home.

We offer 24-hour assistance with medication, bathing, dressing and grooming as well as incontinence care. Daily housekeeping services and laundry services are offered. Residents can also take advantage of our in-home hairstyling and manicures/pedicures. We know that feeling well-groomed can provide a tremendous sense of satisfaction and well-being; staff members are always available to assist residents with whatever needs they might have.

We strive to accommodate the needs and requests of all our residents and their families. If you or your loved one has special needs or concerns, please discuss them with the admitting staff so the proper arrangements can be made.

Our goal is to make each every one of our Rio Rancho assisted living residents feel comfortable and secure. Comfortable, by providing assisted living in a warm, home-like environment. Secure, by monitoring the coming and going of our residents who need special care regarding their safety.

We always encourage friends and family to visit their loved ones.

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