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Dementia diagnosis article by Casa de Paz in Rio Rancho

Coping With A Diagnosis of Dementia

Contrary to what you may think, dementia isn’t a disease.  It’s a set of symptoms that affect memory, social skills, and thinking, enough to impact daily life.  Many people think memory loss is one of the major symptoms of dementia.  While it’s true that memory loss...
Long term senior care cost article by Casa de Paz in Rio Rancho

Paying For Long Term Care

No one really wants to think about needing long term care, but the fact is, most of us probably will.  When you’re in good health and enjoying retirement and the freedom to pursue hobbies, travel, or just relax, assisted living or nursing home care seems far away. ...
Living will for seniors article by Casa de Paz in Rio Rancho

What Is A Living Will For Seniors?

You may have heard the terms living will or advanced directive, and wondered just what they mean.  Simply put, it’s a legal document specifying what actions you want taken related to your health, if you’re incapacitated or otherwise unable to communicate your...
Article about senior hobbies by Casa de Paz in Rio Rancho

Senior Hobbies

Now that you’ve retired, you have more free time than ever.  What can you do that’s interesting and fun?  Take up a hobby, of course!  Some people have been enthusiastic hobbyists all their lives, and know exactly what they want to do.  For others, work, family and...
Article about senior exercise by Casa de Paz in Rio Rancho

Staying Fit For Seniors

We all know we should exercise more.  But gym memberships can be expensive, and it can be hard to work up the motivation to actually go.  Experts agree that regular exercise is especially important for seniors.  Osteoporosis and even some medications can make bones...

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