A Warm, Home-Like Environment

Assisted Living in The Comforts of A Warm Home
Assisted Living in Rio Rancho New Mexico

Casa de Paz Assisted Living Homes - What Sets Us Apart?


Rio Rancho Senior Assisted Living

In A Warm, Home-Like Environment

For many, the thought of a nursing home or assisted living facility conjures up images of long, cold hallways, smells of industrial cleaners and bad food, lacking in warmth and comfort. More hospital than home. For this reason, many people are reluctant to consider an assisted living facility for themselves or a loved one, even when it’s time.

We’d like to offer an alternative to that depressing vision! Casa de Paz is an assisted living facility located in Rio Rancho in the setting of a comfortable private home. Residents get the care and assistance they need, while maintaining their dignity and sense of independence.

You’ll find comfortably furnished bedrooms where residents can surround themselves with pictures and personal items. An expansive living room furnished with recliners where residents can watch television, chat with other residents, family and friends, or participate in activities.

No need to worry about meals! Casa de Paz in Rio Rancho features a large, open kitchen that is fully accessible to all residents, even those with mobility issues. Meals are prepared on-site in the kitchen by the chef, who creates menus and shops locally to ensure the ingredients are fresh and nutritious. Special diets such as diabetic or cardiac are easily accommodated. There’s always a pot of coffee brewing and some fresh fruit to snack on.

We eat family style, with plenty of conversation. Aides are always at hand to unobtrusively assist residents at mealtimes. Everyone enjoys a good home-cooked meal at the large breakfast bar, or seated at tables. You’ll often find family and friends dropping by to share a meal with their loved ones or to celebrate a birthday or holiday.

Rio Rancho Assisted Living CareCasa de Paz also offers an accessible, fully landscaped back yard with a shaded patio. It’s a comfortable place to sit and enjoy some fresh air, and watch birds chattering noisily at the bird feeder, or butterflies fluttering from flower to flower.

Residents are encouraged to pursue hobbies and interests, and we offer a variety of activities designed to help residents stay engaged and interested, and preserve as much as possible, memories and independence in our residents diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Our staff are part of the family as well, most are long-term employees who are familiar and comforting to residents and families. They get to know the residents individually, and are soon trusted friends. We are fully staffed around the clock, with awake night staff on hand for safety. We are able to accommodate residents with most types of special needs, from toileting to oxygen, and our staff members are familiar with a wide variety of DME and adaptive devices.

Our philosophy is to allow residents to age in place, meaning that as they need more care, it’s provided seamlessly. Residents and families don’t need to worry about a new placement in case of declining health or ability.